1902 Campbell Portable now Show-able.

Campbell 1902 at Methven.
Campbell 1902 at Methven
Sure, it did run (for the first time in 78 years) on Saturday and Sunday at our Crank-Up (now renamed the Banging Away weekend), but not, what I would consider, happily.- even after allowing for its Sunday problem being an empty fuel tank (I blame Ray Woollet for this, he should have noticed).
It is now though (running happily that is).
First of all, I belatedly realised that it has hot tube ignition, not hot bulb. Although many later engines (Wilson's for example) combine the two systems, they are fundamentally different. Hot tube ignition works with gas, petrol and kero, but won't fire heavier oils. I was using Diesel for these first tries- and was only successful by dint of turning the burner up until it not only heated the tube, but a fair portion of the inlet manifold as well, creating a de-facto hot bulb system.
On the Tuesday after, I changed to kerosene- with immediate improvement.
Also, I winkled the dimensions of an original Campbell hot tube from this period out of Ian Sadler and made one: approximately 110mm inside length, 8mm inside diameter, 1.5mm wall. Works a treat- funny that.
And, after everything else failed, I went back and read the instruction book.
It told me to carefully adjust the inlet valve to eliminate bounce (actually I re-bushed and re-seated it also). Because fuel enters via two small holes in the valve seat, if the valve bounces or doesn't seat properly fuel, (too much fuel) dribbles in all the time.
And it told me something I never would have figured; the governor sleeve must NOT be oil lubricated. Oil causes it to stick and makes the running erratic.
It also told me something I didn't want to hear- that I'm a wimp. "---one man can manually start Campbell engines up to 17hp. 25 hp and above require 2 men---". I tried mightily, but never could quite get this 7hp version over compression for a firing stroke (the governor lever de-compresses for less than one cycle). Fortunately, on re-reading the manual I noticed a comment "turn the decompression cock to half---". After adding one of these things to the threaded hole helpfully provided (that I had plugged off), away it went, every time so far.
See you at a show somewhere.

Peter Lynn, Ashburton, 14 March 2009.

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