Pear Top Kite.

The 18th(?)century Dutch pear-top kite

This is the story of a kite who was born in 1773 and buried for hundreds of years in the attic floor of an old Dutch house.
The 18th(?)century Dutch pear-top kite is one. This kite was discovered in Leyden (near den Hague, Netherlands) in the early 1980's and is in flyable condition- but I promise I won't, if Scott (Skinner) promises he won't also.

The date 1773 and the initials RB and TB are written on it- which is no guarantee of this dating of course- but the materials, construction and it's known provenance (so far) don't discount this either. Currently it's in the care of Drachen Foundation in the USA. They are coordinating specialist study of its various aspects. I will link with Drachen's site on this project and publish regular updates.

This text will be expanded soon, meantime take a look at this short movie courtesy of You Tube and The Drachen Foundation .

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