Pilot Plans

I am making this design available for home kite makers to copy free of charge- and will help by engaging in reasonable email conversations about details of construction and tuning via I do ask that businesses not make commercial use of this copyrighted design without my express permission, and hope that fliers will express their disapproval in tangible ways should infringements occur.
You are welcome to contact me should you have any questions about the dimensions.
6 sq.m 4 cell 8 bridle stackable design

6sqm version.
Attached are dimensioned plans (ably drawn up from my sketches by Robert van Weers) for my latest pilot design. It's a 6 sq.m 4 cell 8 bridle stackable design that is the most reliable, widest wind range single line kite I've ever developed. It has a bit more pull for it's size, but it's angle of flight is very slightly down in comparison to more performance orientated pilot designs. Three of them stacked are an excellent replacement for the 22 sq.m 4 bridle pilots we generally now use for banner lifting- and a lot easier to launch and fly . Left/right tuning is set by adjusting the relative lengths of the side "B" bridles (same as for the original PL 8 bridle series pilots), and "B" centre can be lengthened up to 200mm for less pull in very strong conditions and for a slight improvement at the light end.

3 bridle 8sq.m Pilot

What I can offer is plans for a developed 3 bridle 8sq.m Pilot. It's actually 8.5sq.m flat, probably a bit less than 8sq.m when flying.- and please take note , this design doesn't scale. (no soft kites do). If you make a different size it will behave differently- especially with regard to the volatile instability/superstability balance.
(see Single Line Stability).
I'm delighted with this design- it's simple, reliable, has lots of pull in the light but less in very strong winds (compared to our standard 8sq.m), and a wind range without adjustment equal to anything I've ever made. These plans also cover an 8 bridle version of this kite- which is the most reliable kite in turbulent conditions that I've ever flown.